APSC, recruitment 2015

Applications are invited for the Assam Public Service commission will hold interview/Viva-voce (for the Posts of Various Deptt in the Medical Colleges of the State under H& F.W (B) Deptt. as per programme given below at its office at Jawaharnagar, Khanapara. Guwahati-22.

1. Name of Post : Demonstrator of Anatomy
2. Name of Post : Registrar/R.P. of Dentistry
3. Name of Post : Registrar/ R.P. of Paediatrics )Including ICU/ Emergency)
4.Name of Post : Demonstrator of Physiology
5.Name of Post : Demonstrator of Bio-Chemistry
6.Name of Post : Demonstrator of Phamacology
7.Name of Post : Demonstrator of Pathology (Including Blood Bank)
8.Name of Post : Demonstrator/Registrar of Forensic & State Medicine (FSM)
9.Name of Post : Demonstrator of Community Medicine (SPM)
10.Name of Post : Registrar/R.S. of Orthopaedics (Including ICU/Emergency)
11.Name of Post : Registrar/Anesthetist of Anaesthesiology
12.Name of Post : Registrar/R.S. of O & G
13. Name of Post : Registrar/ Anesthetist of Anaesthesiology  (Including ICU/Emergency Rural service)
14. Name of Post : Registrar Demonstrator of Radiology (including ICU Emergency)
15.  Name of Post : Registrar/R.P of Psychiatry
16.  Name of Post : Registrar of Dematology
17. Name of Post : Registrar Refractionist of Opthalmology
18. Name of Post : Registrar R.S. of Surgery (including ICU Emergency)
19. Name of Post : Registrar/ R.P. of TB & Chest
20.Name of Post : Registrar/R.P of Cardiology
21.Name of Post : Demonstrator of Microbiology
22.Name of Post : Registrar  of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
23.Name of Post : Registrar/R.P. of Medicine (Including one TID) and ICU Emergency)
24.Name of Post : Registrar of Urology
25.Name of Post : Registrar of Neurology
26.Name of Post :   Registrar /R.P. of Endocrinology
27.Name of Post : Registrar radio therapy
28. Name of Post : Registrar /R. P of Neuro-Surgery
29. Name of Post : Registrar/R.P of Oncology

The intimation letter shall be uploaded in APSC’s websites : www.apsc.nic.in